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Hawkley International Ltd.
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Single Axle Weighbridges
Single-Axle Weighbridges Accurate and fast, Hawkley International Single-Axle Weighbridges put you in control
  • Simplify stock management, through, precise measurement and logging of bulk material movements

  • Improve safety, roadholding and operational life of vehicles by ensuring that they are correctly loaded

  • Save time by weighing vehicles on the move

  • Ensure that your vehicles are operating on the right side of legislated weight limits.

  • Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of court proceedings and fines

  • Protect your insurance cover - overloaded vehicles can invalidate your policy
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  • Low Cost - The civil engineering requirements are less demanding than for full length weighbridges, so Hawkley Single-Axle Weighbridges are very straightforward to install. And they take up much less space.

  • Accurate - Hawkley Single-Axle Weighbridges are accurate to within 1% or better - easily exceeding OIML requirements for Class Weighing machines.

  • Dynamic Weighing - By weighing vehicles as they roll across the weighplate and eliminating the need to stop and position each axle, the dynamic weighing option is a real time saver

  • Enduring Strength - Ideal for weighing large vehicles and articulated trucks at busy locations, Hawkley Single-Axle Weighbridges feature extremely robust all-steel construction. The indicator unit is built to last too, and is fully protected against dust water ingress to IP65 - making it entirely suitable for long-term outdoor use.

  • Faster Information - Axle weights are shown by an easy-to-read digital display, and electronically totalled to give complete vehicle weights. The results are automatically printed out for your management records

  • Versatile Load Management - It's not just about complying with weight legislation and controlling stocks. Stena Sealink use this Hawkley Weighbridge for monitoring ferry traffic to prevent seriously overladen trucks and vans from damaging the aluminium decks on their new high speed catamarans
Single-Axle Weighbridges

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