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Hawkley International Ltd.
50 Woolmer Way, Bordon,

Hampshire GU35 9QF
United Kingdom

Tel :+44 (0) 1420 476500

Fax : +44 (0) 1420 479090

Hawkley International Ltd.

Product Range

Vehicle Weighing

Portable Vehicle Weighing

Portable Systems For Trucks
Single Axle Weighbridges Single Axle Weighbridges
Light Vehicle Systems Portable Systems For Light Vehicles
Full Plate Weighbridges Full Plate Weighbridges
On Board Systems On-Board Systems


Industrial Weighing
Timotex LtdOur subsidiary, Timotex Ltd, supplies the following products:
Platform and Pallet Scales Platform & Pallet Scales
Fork Lift Truck Weighing Fork Lift Truck Weighing
Pallet Truck Scales Pallet Truck Scales

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